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3 Benefits to motivate you to train in the rain

Getting yourself motivated and ready to do your boot camp fitness class and train in the rain can be challenging. You have probably all been in that position where you look outside. It's cold, wet and you bottle going out to do our training. However, there are...

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What are the benefits of Group Fitness?

What are the benefits of Group Fitness? From Bootcamp and Boxing classes to Barre and Buggy-fit, it's clear that group fitness workouts....well, work!  We all know someone who tells anyone who'll listen about their success at Crossfit or their adoration of their...

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Which Fitness Class is Best For Me?

Which Fitness Class is Best For Me? The best fitness class for you is the class that gets the results you want. Simple as that. There's no "one size fits all" solution. If you're training to be in the Olympic diving team then a weekly Nordic Walking class isn't going...

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Outdoor Fitness Versus Indoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness What is outdoor fitness? Outdoor fitness refers to exercise undertaken outside. This could be in a park, in the wilderness or even city streets, so long as you're not under the cover of a building. Outdoor fitness doesn't relate to just one specific...

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Recipe: Halloumi, chickpea & red pepper curry

Refuel after a midweek class with this 30-minute winter warmer. To help your body recover, we’ve added chickpeas which are a good source of protein. Serve with brown rice which is a complex carbohydrate. This veggie recipe also contains 3 portions of veg and lots of...

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Can I Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet?

Guest Blog by Gemma Shorter from nourishgem.co.uk Protein is commonly associated with animal foods like meat, fish and dairy. Therefore, when it comes to the vegan diet, one question that is often asked is, ‘where do I get my protein’? Fortunately, there are lots of...

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Military Fitness Training: How Hard is it?

Military fitness training is often perceived as too hard and for fit people only. This isn't actually the case as in the military not everyone needs to be super fit. Therefore, in order to maintain the appropriate level of fitness, military training needs to suit...

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