Brief History

Unlike other ‘self-proclaimed’ military outdoor fitness providers, at Battle Ready Bootcamp our “Product and Customer Experience” team are all ex members of the Armed Forces. We have decades-worth of combined knowledge delivering physical training to our troops worldwide. This includes some of the most arduous and demanding conditions on earth.

Developed on this knowledge within the fitness industry, we offer the same level of experience to civilians looking for something extra from their fitness regime. Our team also have decades of experience leading and delivering military-style workouts in the commercial sector.

We have combined this knowledge and rolled it into the UK’s most exciting new fitness brand, Battle Ready Bootcamp.

Suitable For All Abilities

Yellow Group

Our yellow group ranges from complete beginner to budding fitness enthusiast. We focus on building your base and core level of all aspects of fitness. Our instructors lead from the front, delivering well planned, creative and fun military-style workouts. These sessions are also supported with a strong hint of military banter perfected over years of service. This takes your mind off the workout and you’ll barely notice an hour has gone by once you reach the end.

Green Group

Once you’ve progressed from the fitness enthusiast up to the very fittest, this is the group for you. We will have built your foundations and done the groundwork with you in preparation for you to push those limits. We will do this whilst measuring progression so you can track improvement. You will face some of the very best and on occasions some of the toughest outdoor fitness workouts the British Forces have to offer. These sessions will be delivered with a firm military tone, with humour never far behind.

The Class

Each fitness class lasts for 1 hour and comprises of a 10-minute warm-up, 40-minute main class and 10-minute cool-down. Every class is designed uniquely by our instructors using a structured system. This ensures no two outdoor fitness classes are ever the same, with a structure that ensures results from every session. All this is delivered with a spirit of teamwork and ethos of camaraderie.

Warm Up

The 10-minute warm-up will prepare you both physically and mentally for the session ahead. We start by increasing your heart rate progressively whilst mobilising your joints and warming up your muscles. This prepares you to cope with the demands required during the main class.

Main Class

The main class is a full-body military-style workout designed for a full range of fitness ability levels. Each session is unique and varied. The classes include circuit training, strength work, interval training, speed drills, as well as working in pairs and teams.

Cool Down

The cool-down is a vitally important part of the class to prepare your body for recovery after the class. This includes gradually lowering your heart rate to a normal level, improving your flexibility and flushing any waste lactic acid out of your muscles.

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