First Timers

Battle Ready Bootcamp is the perfect solution for anyone new to exercise. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss workout or the support to complete an event for the first time, we can help you on your journey.

New To Fitness?

The camaraderie and support from our instructors and members alike will motivate you from start to finish, giving you an outdoor exercise class you’ll become hooked on!

Boot camp classes can sound daunting, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s why:

  • We split our classes into an upper and lower group so you can workout with similar fitness abilities – we very much welcome absolute beginners too, and will tailor the workout to suit your abilities.
  • Our supportive and inclusive environment means that whatever your starting point, ambition or lifestyle change goal, we will get you there.
  • Something within our military fitness training ethos reveals hidden inner grit and determination from all our members, meaning you’ll push harder and faster than you ever thought you could.
  • It’s more than just a fitness class – our online portal gives you access to fitness discounts, weight loss tips, weight loss workout ideas, fitness tracking and much more.
  • Group outdoor fitness classes offer a huge number of additional benefits you may not expect when you first sign up – fresh air when you workout outside, long-lasting friendships and companionship, completing 5k runs through to ultra marathons and most important of all; you’ll get results.

If you’re wondering, ‘which fitness classes near me are best?’ then come and give us a try.

What To Expect

Before The Class

  • Wear sports kit and trainers – you may want a hat or gloves if it’s cold, but remember you’ll warm up quickly once you get moving!
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start, to be greeted by one of our friendly instructors and introduced to the group. The instructor will discuss what to expect in the class, review your health questionnaire and understand your goals to ensure you get the most out of the class from the get go.
  • Avoid bringing too much with you, but if you need to leave an outer coat and valuables with our instructor you’ll be able to do so before the class.


During The Class

  • You’ll be introduced to the class and start with a thorough warm up (if you’re wearing a sports tracker remember to hit the ‘start workout’ button!)
  • You’ll then go into the main section of the class where you’ll move around the park as a group, stopping to do short bursts of exercise such as partner activities, bodyweight exercises and team games.
  • There will be water breaks during the class so there’s no need for you to bring your own water with you.


After The Class

  • The class will end with a thorough cool down.
  • After the class, your instructor will be keen to  find out how you got on. You can discuss membership options and sign up at the park.
  • BFF partner with a number of events so you can set your first fitness goal straight away!


Types Of Exercise

Before each exercise you’ll be given a demonstration and explanation. If you’re struggling with the movement or have an injury you will be offered a ‘regression’ or if you want to push yourself harder you can opt for a ‘progression’ of most exercises.

There is no strict format but here are a few of the types of exercises you might enjoy during your classes:

Body Weight

  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Sit ups
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climber

Kit Based

  • Kettle bells
  • Logs
  • Tyres
  • Ropes
  • Power bags

Partners and Teams

  • Carries
  • Lifts
  • Partner resistance
  • Team games
  • Team challenges

Find Your Venue

Find your nearest location and class timings

After your initial taster session, we have various options including Pay As You Go or No Commitment rolling memberships.

We are currently looking at expansion plans for Spring 2019.

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