What are the benefits of Group Fitness?

From Bootcamp and Boxing classes to Barre and Buggy-fit, it’s clear that group fitness workouts….well, work! 

We all know someone who tells anyone who’ll listen about their success at Crossfit or their adoration of their nearest BRB class and there’s a reason why. They work.

The main reason people don’t get results with their workouts and fitness routines is that they don’t last. They give up too soon so don’t get the results they were hoping for.

With group fitness classes there’s so much more incentive to keep going. Here’s why:


You’re accountable

Rather than having to drag yourself out on your own, you have a reason to go to the class and see others. And if you don’t go, you know you’ll have to find a good excuse or risk being judged for lack of will power!

You’ll be motivated

When you’re working out with others, you can see everyone around you putting in effort and you’re driven to do the same. When doing a workout alone it can be easy to give in to the voices in your head. That inner-self telling you “this is too hard” or “no one will know if you stop now”. However, in a group, you’ll often overhear people quietly telling themselves “come on, you can do it” which does begin to rub off on you too!

group fitness

You’ll be challenged

If you go for a run on your own and the aim is to run to the end of the path you will probably achieve it. But if you’re in a group with the same aim, you’ll naturally try and get to the front or avoid being last. As a result, you’ll push yourself harder and further than you would have done alone. And probably without realising!

It’s sociable

Interaction between others in the class, even if it’s a shared “uuuugh” as you make eye contact having heard what you’ve got to do next is invaluable. With team bonding, the workout becomes a social activity rather than a chore. As you call out “see you next week!” you know that you really will!

There’s even science behind it…

You get praise

Group workout environments are not only filled with motivation during the workout but also with praise and accolade throughout and afterwards. And feeling that praise from those around you releases dopamine. Dopamine helps regulate emotional response and, crucially, it enables us to not only see rewards but to take action to move toward them.

So, not only are you getting results by working out, but you’re also creating chemicals in your brain that encourage you to continue getting the results!

Group Fitness Class

Mental wellbeing

Loneliness has a wide range of negative impacts on physical and mental health, that can include depression and stress, and even disease and suicide. So it’s shocking that 60% of UK millennials say they feel ‘often’ or ‘always’ lonely. In addition to this, 20 million UK adults (39%) don’t do enough physical exercise to stay in good health. It makes sense then, that group workout classes are the perfect solution to combat both issues.

Increase your exercise + reduce your loneliness = improve your health


If you’re unsure which fitness class will be the one for you, ‘Which Fitness Class is Best for Me?‘ will help you out. Or click the link below to register your interest for a free class with Battle Ready Bootcamp.

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